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When is it time to grow your business?

Posted on 21st August 2017 by Jessica Crane

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The average salon loses between 10% and 25% of its client base every year so the need to attract new clients and retain them is greater than ever. This means in two to three years you could have lost 50% of your client­­ele!

So, what is the answer?

It is crucial now more than ever to devote time to work ON your business and not just IN your business, it is easy to get in the routine of firefighting day to day. But in doing this you will not grow and increase the client base to account for the 10 to 25% loss. Without working on your business imagine where you could be year five, seven or ten? Dedicate at least one day per month to solely work on building and growing your company you will get the best result taking yourself out of your environment away from distractions or being pulled into daily tasks.

Where to start?

Collecting all the facts is always a good place to start, your salon software will have all the reports and figures you need (If you are not sure how to do this check out the YouTube videos or book a training session with your software provider plan to do these regular to keep updated with changes and make the most of your software package). I recommend analysing this data at least once a month preferably once a week. When you first initiate this use it to highlight to your team all the areas they are performing well in. Praise them individually as well as a group. Be open with your team and share their data with them so they can see their own client retention rate, percentage of technical treatments, total sales of services, total sales of retail etc. This way they can also identify their own areas of improvement week to week. Let’s face it no one wants to be last on the data table do they.

Most important of all is to implement this as a positive activity to motivate and enthuse your staff. It’s great to put in targets and commission goals but only if they are realistic. If it is new to you start small and build targets over time. You will have the counter effect if you implement demotivating unrealistic targets.

Most importantly

You need to deliver outstanding customer service and skills to each and every client to retain them, you want to work smarter not harder.

Jessica Crane
Specialist in Salon Success

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Jess Crane

about the author

Jessica has over 15 years industry experience and works with ambitious salon owners and their teams to take their business to the next level. To find out more

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