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7 reasons why your clients leave

Posted on 1st November 2017 by Jessica Crane

Why Your Clients Have Left You 384X384

Jessica carries out feedback projects for salons and spas frequently and because she's impartial, clients are much more forthcoming and honest with their feedback. When clients leave, and take their business elsewhere lots of salons and spas want to find out what happened?!

Here are the top 7 reasons why your clients have left you!

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Integrating colour trends to colour services for your salon business

Posted on 2nd October 2017 by Carolyn Newman

2017 09 Integrating Colour Trends

In this world of social media and global communication direct to your in-box every day, we are inundated with many images and seeing many different trends and hair colour ideas. Names like: bronde, bronze, layage, flambalayage etc.

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Your holiday season survival guide

Posted on 8th September 2017 by Caitlin Adamson

2017 09 Holiday Season Survival Guide Thumbnail

Ready yourselves ladies and gents. It seems like just yesterday we were chowing down on festive feasts, and raising our glasses to 2017. But the time has rolled around yet again where you need to start preparing for the next festive season whirlwind.

Little nervous? Don’t be – we’ve got your backs with this holiday season survival guide. 

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Are you a right-brain creative or a left-brain organiser?

Posted on 17th August 2017 by Caitlin Adamson

Right Brain Left Brain 336X280

Have you ever heard that if you’re a creative and visual person then you use the right side of your brain? Or if you love to plan and like to analyse situations then you tend towards the left side of your brain? 

But exactly which traits do you need to run a successful business?

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What’s the big deal with social media?

Posted on 30th June 2017 by Valorie Reavis

June Social Media Blog Thumbnail

Nabbing the attention of your clients on social media has always been a challenge, but it’s getting harder to keep their focus. How can you stand out from the crowd when your target audience is jumping between Snapchat and Instagram?

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