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The New Way in Leaving a Tip

Posted on 13th June 2017 by Renate Kalnina

2017 07 Tipping Blog

Did you know that 87% of Brits tip and 74% consider themselves generous tippers?

Today - we can pay for most things with plastic - except those we appreciate and make our day. We are slowly becoming a cashless society and the service industry is missing out.

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How to become a marketing master

Posted on 5th June 2017 by Caitlin Adamson

2017 06 Marketing Thumbnail

We have a little secret for you: marketing is about more than just playing around on Facebook. If words like Adwords and SEO send your head spinning, then grab a cup of tea, sit down and let’s work through this together. 

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How to (effectively) play on social media

Posted on 8th May 2017 by Fleur Murphy

2017 04 Social Media Thumbnail

Social media is a business owner’s playground. If you approach it with a plan in mind, you will be well on your way to effective social media. Fun included.

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Five ways to improve your social media today

Posted on 2nd May 2017 by Kylie Lewis

Of Kin Blog Thumbnail

Left to its own devices, social media can turn into a hungry beast that is impossible to tame! Here’s five ways to keep your social media under control, so that it will become a powerful tool for your business.

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It's That Time of the Year

Posted on 18th April 2017 by Luke Wilkinson

National Hairdresser Day thumbnail

Its that time of the year again! Nationally celebrating those hard working stylists for National Hairdresser Appreciation Day.

This year National Hairdresser Day falls on Sunday 30th April - so we thought we’d give you some ideas of how to celebrate in your salon and in-turn help you to promote your business.

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