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Why Do So Many Salon Owners Put Off Increasing Their Prices?

Posted on 3rd May 2016 by Steve Hilliard

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As a salon owner you hopefully love your work, love your staff, love your brand and you love your clients! With so much love flying around, why would you be afraid of putting your prices up?

The most common answer I’m given when I ask salon owners this question is … “because I’m afraid of upsetting or even losing my clients.” 

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The best kept secrets in your Appointment Book

Posted on 31st March 2016 by Fleur Murphy

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Did you know, there are a few hidden gems tucked away in your appointment book that might have been hiding from you all this time?

You might think your appointment book is only good for creating and changing appointments – but think again. There are a whole heap of powerful features just waiting to be revealed.

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Shortcuts Reporting and Marketing

Posted on 14th March 2016 by Luke Wilkinson

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Do you ever feel you don’t have time to review all your hard work and plan for the future?

Shortcuts Reporting & Marketing does all the hard work for you by collecting all those facts and figures of your hard work for you to analyse at the click of a button.

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Make your dreams a reality

Posted on 18th February 2016 by Fleur Murphy

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Dreaming of a bigger, better, more successful business? They say a dream without a goal is just a wish, and there’s no better time than now to set realistic goals that will pave the way for your future success.

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Setting Your Marketing Calendar for 2016!

Posted on 31st January 2016 by Madeline Maguire

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To keep your marketing on track when the year gets busy, it is essential to have a calendar that includes not only themes and promotions you’d like to cover, but also the materials you’ll need to be successful. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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