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An Up Close and Personal Musical Note

Posted on 5th September 2016 by

Up Close And Personal

There are no excuses and no shortcuts to success with in-salon experience enhancing music.

Many customers will be in your salon for extended periods, some hours if they are having extensions, or colouring for example. So, for example how many surprise tracks, how many repeats, is too many?

Not only that, but customers may be returning pretty regularly; do you want them to keep hearing the same music week after week, month to month?

Creating in-store music for Debenhams or River Island is one thing, but in a salon environment you have the customer necessarily (and sometimes literally) captive – for some hours – so listening to the music will inevitably be the central focus for some of that time!

A handy guide to dos and don’ts with your Salon music:

DON’T: Just plug in Spotify / a CD / an iPod - you risk a fine from the PRS/PPL inspections. Take a look at the following link to make sure you listen to your music legally:

Warning – streaming services; what you need to know

DON’T: Have less than three hours before a track repeats

DON’T: Use unreleased, untested tracks – unless you know your customer is expecting it

DON’T: Ruin a pleasant experience at the salon – that’s priceless

DO: Keep ringing the changes with something fresh & apt

DO: Mix several genres to find your unique style

DO: Use the original artiste’s track if the song is well known

DO: Play through a good quality sound system

DO: React to feedback – the good and the bad – be prepared to change the record!

If you let things stand still; or even worse, get it wrong - customers could decide to try your competition. Before you know it they could vote with their feet!!

Finally: watch out for the quiet ones – if a particular customer is not saying much, ask them for feedback – they’re probably listening to your music!

Chris Wilcox

about the author

Chris is PEL’s Music & Media Manager, he has a huge and detailed knowledge of music and AV systems, gained over many years working with clients to express their brand musically and engage with their customers’ expectations through high quality sound and vision management.

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POSTED ON 7th September 2016 BY   Jamie Griffiths, Studio Manager
Hi Coreen, thanks for your questions, to answer helpfully it would be great if you can email or call PEL on 0333 123 2100

POSTED ON 6th September 2016 BY   Coreen
We currently pay ppl licences already & play smooth,magic,viva through a freeview to system what wod you recommend ???? What music is it for £35 a month ?? Do you put pictures of the salon on the tv with music in background ??? Regards

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