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25 things you may not believe happened 25 years ago

It's 25 years since Shortcuts was born but how much of 1994 do you remember?
Jun / 21 / 2019
Luke Wilkinson
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Time management in salon
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Do you value your time?

Time Management in the Salon Time – if you think about it is a very precious luxury yet most of us take it for granted every single day. We talk about time; we waste it, we disrespect it and we’re sometimes oblivious to the fact that we’ll one day run…
Jun / 20 / 2018
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Hey Google! What’s new?

‘Hey Google! What’s the weather like tomorrow?’ ‘Hey Google! Book me a facial on Saturday.’ We’re no stranger to the idea of people casually calling out to Google to ask it a question. But what about booking a hair or beauty appointment? Well, imagine no more…
Apr / 03 / 2019
Caitlin Adamson
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