Coronavirus your salon and Shortcuts
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Coronavirus Cancellations: Don’t Panic, Just Do This Instead

In this blog post, salon coach & author Ryan Power lists 5 ways to use the extra time that can appear in your calendar if you face any appointment cancellations due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
Mar / 17 / 2020
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Coping with Coronavirus

Hot topic for all the wrong reasons, Coronavirus is on everyone’s minds right now as outbreaks start to spread across the United Kingdom. While fighting over toilet paper isn’t going to get our countries anywhere fast in dealing with the pandemic, there’s a few things that will and businesses all over are putting in measures to cope with the spread of the virus.
Mar / 16 / 2020
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Client Retention
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Client Retention in a Digital World: Keeping Up with Technology

With technology playing an increasingly pivotal role in the success of your business, it might seem like hard work to retain your clients. But it doesn’t have to be. Read on for our top 3 tips to help you retain clients in this constantly-evolving Digital World.
Aug / 22 / 2019
Hayley Tait
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