Shortcuts multi-site functionality feature

Create a consistent guest experience

Our multi-site functionality lets you share essential information and functionality across all sites, enabling you to provide a seamless experience for your guests, no matter which location they visit. Details such treatment history, service pricing and contact information can be made available across your entire business and will synchronise across sites in real time.

Shortcuts multi-site feature

Track business performance

Monitor your overall business performance or drill down to see how each individual site is performing with our cloud-based reporting features. Everything from trading summaries to employee performance to sales summaries are available in one central place on the cloud. You have the flexibility to combine sites into relevant groupings, and we can work with you to create specialised reports to meet your specific needs.

Shortcuts Automated, cloud-based email marketing system

Build a stronger brand

Ensure your marketing is consistent and on-brand with our automated, cloud-based email marketing system, which integrates seamlessly with each site’s point of sale system. This gives you complete control over branding and messaging, and lets you provide sites with valuable content to help them promote their business offering. Better still, you will have full visibility over campaign success and return on investment.

Shortcuts Mobile Guest App

Stay connected with clients

The Mobile Guest App lets you stay connected with clients like never before by giving them the power to manage their appointments, pay for services and book with you in an instant, no matter where they are or what time of day it is. Available in the app store, your customised app lets you serve up news and special offers, ensuring you are always top of mind when guests are ready to make their next appointment.

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