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Upfront payments are coming soon to Shortcuts

You may have heard whispers on the grapevine and we’re happy to say the rumours are all true: upfront payments with Stripe are coming soon to Shortcuts! In this special FREE webinar, you’ll find out all about our upfront payments feature and why we are so buzzed about it!
Jul / 30 / 2018
Aimi Tetlow-Baxter
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Salon Summer
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Let the Summer Months Shine in Your Business

The summer months are often full of travel, sunshine, and lots of celebrations. But for enterprising individuals, warm weather can also lead to a variety of new business opportunities.
Aug / 07 / 2018

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GDPR Shortcuts Blog
How to use Shortcuts

Using Shortcuts to stay GDPR compliant

Join us for this special webinar and we'll show you the new Shortcuts updates that will help you stay GDPR compliant.
Apr / 30 / 2018
Aimi Tetlow-Baxter
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Stay GDPR compliant and connected with Shortcuts.

The GDPR legislation is fast approaching and will come into effect on May 25th. Watch the very special webinar and we’ll teach ways to stay GDPR compliant and how Shortcuts will help you stay connected.. As your software partner we wish to make your life easier. As such we have made…
Mar / 26 / 2018
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two hairdressers with clients
Creating a dream team / How to use Shortcuts

How to grow your very own A-Team

Don’t forget your staff are also a huge part of your success. Whether you already have a solid team to back you up or you’re still working on finding the sweet spot, there are a few things to keep in mind to grow your A-Team.
Feb / 26 / 2018
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webinar smart goals
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Set yourself up for success in 2018

In this webinar you'll learn how to create mobile-friendly marketing, target specific clients rather than mass communication and personalise your message for better open rates.
Jan / 29 / 2018
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Email Marketing
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Email marketing

In this email marketing webinar you will learn everything you need to know to create targeted, mobile-friendly marketing campaigns that will impress your clients and grow your business year-round. You will: Learn how to read your previous years marketing data through the campaign manager Be familiar with how to measure…
Jun / 26 / 2017
Aimi Tetlow-Baxter
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