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Shortcuts Stories – Daniel Galvin

Meet Stephen Nurse

I often describe myself as the captain of a luxury cruise liner. My job is to make sure our ships are operationally perfect and immaculately presented. Our crew are highly skilled, motivated, valued, love what they do and there is no mutiny. Our passengers have the best possible experience, are made to feel super special, and can’t wait to get back on board.

Daniel Galvin Shortcuts
Shortcuts Daniel Galvin 2020

“Our business is very, very unique. Our team are either colourists or hairdressers.”

– Stephen Nurse
Operations Director at Daniel Galvin

“I think it’s important for all salon owners and managers to understand, irrespective of how big or small your salon team is, it’s crucially important to embrace technology. Working with Shortcuts as a partner really gives you solutions that meet your needs and make your business as efficient and profitable as it can possibly be.”



“Shortcuts gave us the flexibility to keep our data locally or in the cloud. One thing as salon owners we need to recognise is our database is hugely valuable, so it’s important to have absolute security and certainty knowing that your data is properly protected.”

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