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Shortcuts Stories – Richard Ward

Richard Ward Hair

Celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward started working in the industry aged 17 and moved to London from Folkstone. He worked for the fantastic John Frieda and Daniel Galvin and opened his first salon at 26. Now with over 37 years in the industry he and his wife Hellen run one of the busiest salons in the UK.

Richard Ward of Hair and Metrospa

“I’ve been doing hair for 37 years now. It’s something I’m very passionate about. I love creating different hairstyles and I still love cutting hair. It’s a people business and that makes you very passionate. After 25 years our reputation is quite high in the industry –  doing over a thousand clients a week. The only way you get that reputation is by having a fantastic team”

– Richard Ward – Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa

Richard Ward Appointment Book

“I have to say that being a little bit of a technophobe I was very reluctant. Before we had Shortcuts we were literally filling in appointment sheets by pencil. And now every member of our team has access to Shortcuts on their mobile phone and it’s been absolutely essential to the better running of our business.

“All the data that shortcuts collects is so important to me and Hellen. Being able to track everything from the product sales to weekly turnover and client retention. Even today – I found out by just at a click of a button that we found out that we have increased our customer retention from 8 to 7 weeks.”

shortcuts murphy gozzard owners
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Murphy Gozzard

The Murphy Gozzard Hair Community is a Sydney-based salon committed to creating the ultimate hairdressing experience for their clients, while also providing a nurturing, fun and rewarding environment for their team of artisans.
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shortcuts anna field
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The Paddington Beauty Room

Nestled in the heart of Paddington, Sydney, The Paddington Beauty Room is proudly run by founder Anna Field, who has built a reputation as an industry leader for over 20 years. Anna's vision is to provide a holistic total-beauty service to our customers.
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Hellen Ward of Richard Ward Metrospa
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Shortcuts Stories – Hellen Ward

"I think where Shortcuts has been such a fantastic success with the team is they can track their day, track when their clients are here and helps them keep on top of how they can fill their whitespace and upsell their time."
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