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“We finally had modern-looking software with an amazing ease of use including quick access to a wide variety of reports so we could really take The Lounge Soho to another level. Live online booking for clients, excellent marketing with ‘Set & Forget’ and also the remote access were key features for us.”

We found our previous software very frustrating on many levels. The system was visually very dated and it was not giving us the bespoke email templates we wanted to communicate with clients. Setting up any sort of marketing was very laborious and not very expansive. We were unable to have the remote access ability we have with Shortcuts and as a business owner who is not salon based this was crucial for us to be able to access the system 24/7 without effecting the salon systems. The online booking was also live, with clients being able to see the diary instead of being on a request only basis.

We have been able to contact clients via ‘Set and Forget’ without having to lift a finger, which has meant things are being taken care of while we can get on with offering a great service to our clients. I do feel that this has increased our turnover and with handy reports emailed to me each month, I can see the actual value of those clients who were marketed. I am sure our online bookings have increased due to the mobile friendly capabilities for clients on the go and also the ease of use.

I am particularly impressed with how they take my feedback on board and readily listen to the business owner needs. This is reflected in the numerous updates that happen over a year that further enhance the software to allow it to offer the best resources to salon owners. I feel they are always developing the software and looking at new and exciting ways they can keep ahead of the competition.

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The marketing part is definitely a big plus for us. We have made full use of ‘Set and Forget’ to send out emails to clients with gift certificates on their birthdays, ‘Thank You’ emails to new clients, ‘Miss You’ emails to lapsed clients and also client referral emails. When a new stylist joins us or a stylist leaves, we also create emails to entice regulars back into the salon or just to keep them in the loop of what is happening.

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