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5 Steps to a successful Loyalty Campaign

Luke Wilkinson Nov / 02 / 2018
Salon Loyalty App

What comes to mind when you consider the word loyalty? Your devoted partner? Your beloved beagle? Your allegiance to your country and Queen? It might come surprising to you that UK consumers are more loyal to their hairdresser, barber and beautician than any other service. 66% of adults said that they are loyal to their current salon and have no interest in changing. However, according to a recent poll, these stats greatly differ demographically. People in the North tend to be more loyal than those in the capital and over-55s tend to use loyalty cards more than under-25s. However, if your target audience is under 25 and in London don’t think a salon loyalty programme isn’t for you – just be more creative!

1. Achieve

Firstly – what do you want to achieve from your salon loyalty system? More customers? More visits? Make sure you set your ambitions from the start and set yourself a target. For example, you intend to increase client visits from 7 to 6 weeks and increase client spend by 5%.

2. Target

Who is your audience? New customers, existing customers, drifters, or maybe even non-returners. Loyal clients spend more and visit more regularly. Loyalty systems are not just about points and ease of admin – their purpose is to reward and incentivise. Make your loyalty system seem exclusive and incentivise their visits. Offer value-added services, products or something as simple as a glass of champers on every visit.

3. Advertise

How do you advertise it? Put up a poster? Send an email? Post on Instagram? We really are living in an era when we are bombarded by messages. Make sure people are aware of your loyalty system and be sure to keep the message on-brand and consistent. Offer a time-limited offer or a prize for new sign-ups to get things going.

4. Measure

How do you measure the success of it? Sign-ups, usage, return on investment? The Shortcuts Salon Loyalty System makes measuring the success of your loyalty system a breeze when it’s done digitally.

5. Optimise

Your first go isn’t your last one. We test and try new ideas and new promotions to get the best bang for your buck. How about you try the new Shortcuts Salon Loyalty App to help make those pesky Millennials become loyal customers for life.

By combining the Shortcuts Loyalty System with the Shortcuts App, you’ll give your clients instant access to their loyalty balance and tempt them back visit after visit. Click here for more information.

Luke Wilkinson
Luke Wilkinson
With a background in marketing and design across a number of industries, Luke started his Shortcuts career in 2015. His ability to think laterally and creatively puts him at the forefront of his strategic campaigns, and has extensive knowledge of digital and traditional advertising. One of Luke's key areas of focus at Shortcuts is to help hair and beauty industry businesses grow by harnessing the right technology solution.

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