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7 ways to connect with clients while you’re closed

Hayley Tait Apr / 22 / 2020
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Salons, barbers and beauty spas across the UK are closed due to the current COVID-19 government restrictions. Businesses are finding so many new and interesting ways to make money – from at-home DIY colour kits to virtual consultations and online shops, innovation is booming.

But even if your business isn’t trading (be it physically or online) it’s important to be regularly connecting with your clients. After all, you want them to be beating down your door once you re-open!

We’ve pulled together 7 ways you can connect with your client base while you’re closed – that’s one for every day of the week. How convenient! 📆

1. Get social

First thing’s first, it’s a great time to get all your clients following you on social media. There’s to reach out and request them to follow you! But the question is – how?

Our friends at Social Sorted recommend a multi-prong approach. Send them an email, use SMS and lastly but most importantly – follow them! By following your clients, you’re opening up the communication and showing them that you care about them.

To make it easy, the Social Sorted gang have created a Communication Kit full of templates you can use for emails and SMS to invite clients to follow!

Working out what to post can be a challenge, now that you’re not generating all those gorgeous hair and treatment pics – but luckily Social Sorted have a few tools to help you with that, too. Check out the recent Masterclass they ran on content pillars and what to post.

👋 Psst – ICYMI, from now until 30 June, Social Sorted are opening up the doors to their membership for free! In the platform, you can access 30 specially-produced images and 30 customisable captions each month, accompanied by a strategic Action Plan. Keep an eye out for their COVID-19 Recovery Plan in the May issue!

2. Neighbourhood watch

Just because your salon is closed, doesn’t mean your neighbours are. Our advice? Think of businesses that are still operating, and how you can collaborate to reach a new group of potential clients. What about local real estate agents? You could offer gift cards with extra value (say £100 for £150 value) that they can gift their new home buyers, to use when you open.

The possibilities are endless! What better time to meet your business neighbours?

3. Show them the (SMS) love

Now, more than ever, people are glued to their phones. So what better time to send an SMS blast? You could send out an , an invitation to connect with you on your social channels, or even just reach out to personally send your best wishes. In a time when everyone is feeling stressed and anxious about the world and their loved ones, a personal touch can be so meaningful.

Or what better time to start planning your re-opening? Come back with a BANG and throw a party to celebrate re-opening those doors. Invite your clients personally via SMS to make that invite even more impactful. Everyone loves a party! 🍾

4. Be in their inbox

In a time when all our inboxes are flooded with COVID-19 related emails – why not try something different?

Some of our clients have been sending great updates to their database about general life in self-isolation, podcasts (may we suggest The Grit Behind The Glam?) and Netflix shows they’re loving, and updates from their staff. After all, those conversations aren’t happening in salon chairs at the moment!

Email is also a great way to reach clients that aren’t following your social channels, or didn’t know you had Facebook or Instagram.

💡 Tip – remember to check out the Communication Kit from the guys at Social Sorted for some quick and easy email and SMS templates you can use!

5. Facebook Marketplace

Have you got a whole lot of retail stock sitting on your shelves collecting dust? Don’t waste that opportunity! Think of how many clients are at home, running low on their favourite product!

We have a handy way for you to quickly set up a Shopify shop using your stock saved in Shortcuts – but if that’s a bit too complicated, why not get selling on Facebook Marketplace?

Marketplace is a brilliant way to use your existing audience and also reach new people. Plus – it’s super simple to start selling. Just snap a few pics, upload with a description and price and you’re ready to sell!

6. Connect locally

While you’re on Facebook, why not check out what local groups are in your area? Many suburbs and communities have local groups set up, with residents regularly posting. Joining a local group is a great way to connect with the people who will find it easiest to visit once you re-open!

Once you’re in, remember to update the group with any news or offers you have! People love a bargain, and at the moment lots of people are all about supporting small businesses 💖

Speaking of groups… have you joined our Shorties Users UK Group? It’s a great way to connect with fellow peers and share ideas! Plus, we pop in to give you the sneak peek on what’s coming.

7. Reward your VIPs

Last but not least – have you heard about Rewards Club? It’s a great feature in Shortcuts that we had all forgotten about that will help you make money RIGHT NOW. 🤑

It’s basically a membership offering, that you can sell your loyal clients now, and reward them when you re-open with a whole heap of added service value. That means they can help support you now, and then you can reward them once you’re back in business.

We’ve got a heap of resources available to help you get set-up, including helpful How-To videos and guide, and a Communications Kit packed full of email, SMS, social media templates to get you selling straight away!

So there you have it – 7 ways to connect with your clients TODAY, even while you’re closed. We’re always looking for new inspo and innovation to share, so if you’re doing something exciting, jump over to our Facebook and let us know! And while we’re here – are you following us on Instagram?

The question we have is… which one are you going to try on Monday?

Hayley Tait
Hayley Tait

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