How to use Shortcuts

This long-lost Shortcuts trick will make you £££ while you’re closed

Hayley Tait Apr / 03 / 2020
two salon owners

The main question that would be rolling around your mind right now during the COVID-19 pandemic is how the HECK you’re going to earn a decent income when your doors have been forced closed. Right?

Well don’t panic too much – because we’ve uncovered a long-lost Shortcuts hack to earn you cash money!🙌

There’s a feature already in your Shortcuts system and you’re already paying for it as part of your subscription.

It’s called Rewards Club, and it’s a win-win idea designed to generate cash for you, while rewarding your clients for paying upfront when things return to normal (hopefully sooner rather than later!)

Ready to learn exactly what Rewards Club is and how you can earn some much needed cash for your business?

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