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Magic cure for your holiday hangover

Caitlin Adamson Jan / 10 / 2019
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Bleh, curse the second week of January! You’ve rolled off the back of a ridiculously hectic festive season with your salon packed to the rafters with clients. You’ve only just come out of the festive food coma (even though you’ve barely made a dent in the excessive chocolate supply). Plus, you rang in the New Year in style and had some blissful time to recover (we hope!)

Then it hits: the holiday hangover. By definition, it’s the period after a holiday where reality has set in, but you’re still dreaming of piña coladas on the beach. Yes, it’s a harsh realisation, but together with your salon software, we can kick this holiday hangover with a magic cure. Just follow this recipe.

Organise a salon project

Nothing will snap you out of your post-holiday funk more than letting your creativity fly! It’s all about setting off on the right foot in time for the new year, and your team will appreciate the fun, yet productive, opportunity.

Organise a salon style-off and in-house photoshoot where you and your stylists can bring in friends and family as models and unleash your creativity, followed by a DIY photoshoot. Enlist the help of a friend with a flash camera and a ring light, so you can snap and show off your masterpieces in the salon and across social media. Your competition will shake in their boots while potential clients will swoon.

Try new things

New year, new you, new things to try! There’s no time like the present to dive head first into trying new things for your business which could see big returns. Last year we were working on some pretty nifty features (don’t worry, there will be plenty more to come this year). If you haven’t tried them yet, here’s your opportunity.

Our most recent salon software feature, Loyalty in the App, enables you to wave goodbye to plastic, while your clients can say hello to all the must-see details of their loyalty program from their Mobile Guest App. This includes viewing their rewards balance and recent history from the palm of their hand.

We also partnered up with Google – woo! This partnership presents so many opportunities since Google is one of the first places your potential customers proactively search for their new fave salon, spa or barber shop. We have a number of competitive Google offerings to help you attract new clients online, including Google My Business, SEO, and Google Ads packages. We’ve got the know-how to help you stand out online, so be sure to check out our packages!

The Cloud Appointment Book was a major release for us last year, and one of our most anticipated features to date. If you haven’t given it a whirl just yet, start today. It enables you to access your Shortcuts Appointment Book on the go so you don’t need to feel tied to the salon. You can view, make and move appointments, and view client history notes all from your mobile device.

Take an admin day

Sometimes the worst thing about attempting to jump back into the rhythm of things is the thought of how much admin and paperwork has piled up while you were frantically dealing with Christmas craziness.

The solution? Take an admin day where you can step away from the salon and get all the stuff piling up on your desk and sitting at the back of your mind done and dealt with. Clear it off your plate so you can make room for fresh starts and new ideas in your business.

Plan your 2019 goals

Last, but not least, plot out your goals for the year and the steps you’ll need to take to achieve them. Looking at a list of what you want to accomplish in 2019 can be an exciting and motivating task. Trust us, it will set you right back on the path for another successful new year.

From all of us at Shortcuts, we hope 2019 is your best year yet!

Caitlin Adamson
Caitlin Adamson
Caitlin Adamson is a passionate creative and analytical thinker who brings her love for the written word to the marketing world. She brings her fresh outlook to the Shortcuts team and strives to create strategic and engaging collateral to help salons, spas, clinics and barbers to tackle their business endeavours with confidence.

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