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Motivating your staff to sell retail

Eric Perera Oct / 29 / 2016

‘Stylists are not salespeople!’ The timeless statement that every salon owner has either heard, muttered to others, and most of the time, come to accept. So what’s the real difference between a sales person and a hair stylist? The reality is there is a little salesperson in each of us.  And since each personality is unique, you need to have some practices in place that will bring out the sales person in each of them. Here’s how to do it:

Knowledge is power

It’s crucial that you use your product reps to your advantage as much as possible for continued education. Involve them in staff meetings, and use them to help your staff speak intelligently about the products.  You will be surprised how much more your stylists are talking about products when they have built a relationship with the product rep and feel confident in what they are representing.

The emotional win

Competitiveness is in our nature, and nobody likes coming in last place. However, there are different ways to use this as motivation.  We can all agree that everyone is motivated by money, but we can’t ignore that to some, public recognition of their work is much more rewarding. Try creating as much of a buzz as possible in the salon with your retail competitions. Put more creative juices into how you publicly recognise the winner, rather than how you pay them.

Sale today, client forever

Industry statistics show that a client that leaves with a product is three times more likely to return than someone who doesn’t.  Help your staff understand the equitable value and the potential results that retail clients have. Repeat business and successful relationships lead to more referrals and more visits.  As their confidence and communication skills develop, this process will gain more momentum.

Ultimately, you want to create an environment that makes each stylist know that they are helping their clients, rather than trying to swindle them. Stay disciplined to educating, motivating and empowering your team and you’ll likely abolish those tension-filled ‘sales’ conversations. You may also find yourself making retail orders much more frequently.

Happy selling!

Eric Perera
Eric Perera is a business development expert. Throughout his career, Eric has helped thousands of businesses increase their profits with smart software solutions. At the forefront of evolving technology, Eric shares his unique insights about the latest exciting tools set to revolutionise the market.

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