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The Paddington Beauty Room

Nestled in the heart of Paddington, Sydney, The Paddington Beauty Room is proudly run by founder Anna Field, who has built a reputation as an industry leader for over 20 years. Anna’s vision is to provide a holistic total-beauty service to our customers.

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“Creating personalised and personable communications with our clients is essential.

“With Shortcuts, we can tailor our messages and target the right audience to ensure our marketing gets noticed.”

– Anna Field, Founder, The Paddington Beauty Room

“Beauty really is all about building people’s confidence.

“It can take just moments to transform the way someone feels about themselves, and by providing treatments that really work, we help our clients feel their best.”

“Set and Forget Marketing is just so clever, it does all the hard work for me.

“I can literally set it up once, then forget about it as it send out emails year-round.”

“I love experiencing different cultures and learning how people live and why they do things the way they do.

“It’s also a way to truly escape – being out of phone and internet range is bliss.”

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Anna’s formula for success

"These days, my role is essentially to ensure the business continues to move forward. This includes training and nurturing staff to help them perform at their very best, overseeing the financial management of the business, and strategic marketing."
Apr / 21 / 2016
Fleur Murphy
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Why marketing is a balancing act

In today’s world, we are constantly distracted by hundreds of different messages. Whether it’s checking work emails or scrolling through your Facebook news feed, every spare moment is filled with stimulation. As a result, our attention spans becoming shorter, and we are becoming harder to connect with.
May / 10 / 2016
Anna Field
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In Therapy Nicola Shortcuts Software
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In Therapy

Adorer of all creatures great and small, bright lipstick lover, empowerer of women, owner of In Therapy beauty salon. Nicola’s kindheartedness and commitment to giving back to the community that supports her are the hallmarks of her success.
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