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Contact tracing for walk-in barbershopsBlog

Contact tracing for walk-in barbershops

Suddenly barbers all over the United Kingdom are scrambling to figure out how the heck to keep track of the clients walking through their doors when they’ve never taken appointments before. So what can you do ASAP to safeguard your business against COVID-19 and get your contact tracing requirements up to speed?
Caitlin Adamson
September 15, 2020
Golden Google TruthsBlog

Golden Google Truths

Earlier this year, we asked YOU GUYS about your experiences with Google, digital advertising, and your online presence so far.
August 24, 2020
Doug PasterPodcasts

Doug Paster

How did you find your way into the wild and wonderful world of hair and beauty? On this episode we're chatting to Brooklyn barber, Doug Paster to hear how a move from the high-flying world of fashion saw him become an in-demand barber to New York's influencer set.
James Hanlon
July 31, 2020
The Client RelationshipPodcasts

The Client Relationship

Has a client ever revealed something big to you while in the chair? Or said something that made you feel uncomfortable? Relationships in hair and beauty are unlike any other industry. So we set out to hear first-hand how some business owners manage them.
James Hanlon
July 15, 2020
Reconnect with your clients to revive your businessBlog

Reconnect with your clients to revive your business

We know you might be playing a bit of catch-up with the clients who are banging down your doors and calling off the hook to make an appointment with you. But it’s the clients who are silent and aren’t hassling you for an appointment that are the ones you really need to focus on. So what are some easy ways you can start to spark that connection with your clients again?
Caitlin Adamson
July 14, 2020
Re-imagining a top shelf experience in the new normalBlog

Re-imagining a top shelf experience in the new normal

Wondering how you can adapt to be your best reinvented self in this new-normal world? There are so many things the new-normal changes in the client experience – from social distancing, to disposable Styrofoam coffee cups (yeah, we’re not a fan either). So how can you adapt to these new-normal changes – that feel a little strange right now – to continue to deliver the top-shelf experience you strive for?
Caitlin Adamson
July 6, 2020