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amydouglas Jun / 20 / 2018

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Salon Cloud technology

The hustle and bustle of a thriving salon has many give away signs. There’s an array of laughter, excitement, relaxed bodies and smiling faces. There are stylists and therapists tending to both their regular and brand new clients, and there’s an unbelievable army of organised assistants ensuring the flow from check in to check out is as efficient and as pleasant as possible. An incredible team dotted around various sections of your business creating an unforgettable client experience.

So how do we create this extraordinary client journey?

Before the appointment

Let’s take Mrs. Jones for example. Mrs. Jones works the 12-hour day shift as a nurse. She has two young, troublesome twin boys and is desperate for a hair revamp. When the kids are tucked up in bed and she finally manages to find five minutes for herself, she goes onto her salon app and books herself in for a well-deserved full head of highlights, cut and finish with her favourite Colour Technician and Senior Stylist, Christian.

On arrival

When Mrs. Jones arrives at the door, she is greeted by a smiling young lady called Sarah who is holding a tablet. Sarah checks her in, takes her coat and brings her the usual latte with no sugar that she’s been longing for since her last visit. To Mrs. Jones, this little touch of customer service makes her feel valued. Little does Mrs. Jones know, that Sarah is armed with her refreshment preference saved onto her electronic client card.


Now that Mrs. Jones is settled with her latte, Sarah logs into the client entry tool and hands the tablet over to her. She can now fill in her information in the customised consultation form which is specific to her appointment with senior stylist Christian.

So what if Christian’s running a little late? Mrs. Jones is settled on the sofa with her drink and the tablet. She’s not standing up frustratingly giving Sarah her information from across the front desk, Sarah’s not frantically scribbling notes onto a paper consultation form, and there’s certainly no problems having to decipher Mrs. Jones’s obscure hand writing whilst reentering data into the salon software system.

In the chair

Christian gaining Mrs. Jones’s complete trust is tricky business. The more meaningful connection and relationship he builds with each individual guest, the more likely they are to trust his judgments and return back to him in the future.

Mobile visibility

Christian can see on his tablet all of Mrs. Jones’s previous appointment notes, photos and client history. He will find it so much easier to engage with her on a more personal level because he has access to everything he needs without having to leave her side.

He can use the internet to determine exactly what Mrs. Jones wishes to achieve before leaving the salon today. He takes a quick before snap on the tablet which is saved onto her client card.

Christian can go to the colour bar and access the previous formula he used 5 weeks ago on her hair without making her feel like she’s on an episode of Question Time.

Appointment book

Whilst her hair colour is in the development stage, and she’s endorsed in a celeb mag, Christian can recommend her next visit; booking her in there and then on his tablet.

Before & after

Both Mrs. Jones and Christian are so pleased with her new look, he takes an after shot which is firstly saved onto her client card, and then shared onto the business social media page to show the world her new luscious locks.

Christian can clearly show, side-by-side, her wonderful transformation, and she feels like a new woman!

Retail products

Whilst walking back to the front desk, Christian takes Mrs. Jones via the impressive display of L’Oreal Professional products. He talks her through the items that he used on her hair and why he used them to achieve the outcome they both love. Mrs. Jones treats herself to a couple of irresistible items before heading towards Christian and Sarah at the front desk.


By the time Mrs. Jones reaches the checkout phase, there’s only one thing left to do, pay! At this point her brain is slowly leaving the salon and moving onto picking up the terrible twosome from school.

She’s picked her products, she’s already booked in for 5 weeks’ time, she’s already had her before & after photos and she is feeling fabulous.

Cloud technology within the salon not only builds on fantastic customer relations, but drives new and existing clients back through the salon doors time and time again. Mrs. Jones received unforgettable customer service and felt like she was the only client they have. She is going to tell her friends who will tell their friends which in turn will build a strong and successful, more profitable business.

Customer service is key and having access to everything within the cloud breaks those barriers with your clients.

Amy has been in the hair, barber & beauty industry for four years so far. She loves nothing more than travelling the world and spending time in the sea. Currently my favourite products are Wella SP Care Luxe Oil & Dermalogica Active Moist. Follow me on Instagram! AmyShortcutsUK.

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