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Grow a mo, save a bro – Movember marketing

Luke Wilkinson Oct / 24 / 2017

What is Movember?

Movember promotes growing moustaches to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer and also to promote men’s mental health.

Fundraising during Movember is a win-win activity. You raise your business profile as well as raising awareness of prostate and testicular cancer and helping donations to charity.

1. A Mo that fits

Decide what type of offer or fun ideas you could have in your salon or barbershop. Perhaps all the men who work there can pick a different moustache that works for them. Or if you’re a male groomers or barbers, promote a moustache service. Instead of that beard trim how about we go for a nice manly handlebar ‘stache? Or maybe offer free styled moustaches for anyone who donates £10 for instance.

2. Motivate your team to be charitable

Getting your team on-board and inspired about helping charity can seem hard work at times. You’re excited to be a part of Movember whilst your team view it as a yet another chore.

Make sure you involve them from the start. Listen to their ideas and include them throughout the month will get them enthusiastic.

3. What are you going to do for the whole month?

Mo of the month?

Take pictures of your clients and post on social media. Let your followers determine the winner with whoever gets the most likes/shares.

A different ‘tache for each week?

Maybe you could promote a different tache for each week. Week 1 – The hulk Hogan. Week 2 – The Tom Sellac…

Value added

During Movember you could add £1 to your price list that you give to charity that you will match with every well-groomed nose-neighbour.

4. Plan your campaign

Make sure you put a morning or evening aside to plan your marketing activities for Movember.

  • Movember is made for Social Media. Post all photos and videos of your team and clients across all your social media platforms.
  • Decide on a hashtag for your #Movember and make sure you use it everywhere to raise brand awareness.
  • Make sure you take photos of all your clients who participate and ensure they post their #Movember #Moustache on their own social channels too to help spread the word.
  • Place a cancer collection tin near the till and ask clients (with a gentle nudge) to donate.
  • Plan posters and leaflets in your shop or salon.
  • Write a news page or blog for your salon or spa website. You’ll be linking to this from your social media and email marketing so ensure it’s eye-catching.
  • Ask your suppliers to donate prizes for ‘tache of the week
  • If you’re going all out with Movember then it’s worth investing in a professional photographer or a videographer.
  • Advertise on Social Media. Target your audience carefully and remember to include a strong call to action driving traffic to your website.

5. Content

  • Remind the team to talk to their clients about what you’re doing for Movember.
  • Change your answer phone message to promote Movember.
  • Use your salon software to add a promotional message to your till receipts.
  • Send a special Movember E-mail telling your clients that you are participating. Tell them about the competition for the best ‘tache and raise your brand profile. Your email database is one of the most valuable salon marketing assets you have.
  • Share important facts and stats with your followers:
  • Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 25-49 years.
  • Around 2,100 men in the UK and 8,700 in the US are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year.
  • There are more than 6 men diagnosed with testicular cancer every day.
  • Twice as many men get testicular cancer as they did in the mid 70s.
  • A new case of prostate cancer is diagnosed every 2.2 minutes

6. After Movember

Don’t miss out on squeezing more marketing mileage out of your Movember fundraising. Drip feed updates on money raised, winners of your competitions and more of the #Movember selfies across all your marketing channels. And remember to thank your clients, team and partners and send off your Movember donation…

For more information please visit the Movember Foundation Website.

Luke Wilkinson
Luke Wilkinson
With a background in marketing and design across a number of industries, Luke started his Shortcuts career in 2015. His ability to think laterally and creatively puts him at the forefront of his strategic campaigns, and has extensive knowledge of digital and traditional advertising. One of Luke's key areas of focus at Shortcuts is to help hair and beauty industry businesses grow by harnessing the right technology solution.

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