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Upfront payments are coming soon to Shortcuts

Aimi Tetlow-Baxter Jul / 30 / 2018
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You may have heard whispers on the grapevine and we’re happy to say the rumours are all true: upfront payments with Stripe are coming soon to Shortcuts! We’re super-excited to share this impressive new feature with you, and help you reduce those dreaded no-shows and secure your revenue.

This fully-customisable and flexible feature will revolutionise your business by giving you the option to secure part or full payments when your clients book on your website or via your app.

In this special FREE webinar, you’ll find out all about our upfront payments feature and why we are so buzzed about it! You’ll learn:

  • Why you need Stripe in your life right now
  • How you can reduce no-shows, quick sticks
  • Why upfront payments go hand-in-hand with Online Booking and your Mobile Guest App
  • How to secure part or full payments before a client’s appointment
  • And plenty more juicy details.