ACE Agenda

This exclusive event has been curated especially for Shortcuts users, taking place on Monday 16th September 2019 at the King Street Townhouse Hotel, Manchester.

Breakfast & hellos
Don’t be late. Please join us for a coffee and a 5* boutique buffet breakfast.


The Ever Blurring Lines Between Personal and Business Lives: Ryan Power
You should use your personal social media channels to rapidly grow your business presence in a more authentic way. By optimising your profile and getting involved in groups you can take advantage of this shift towards a more intimate setting.


For the sake of social media: Jo Robertson
Salons sometimes just do social media for the sake of it and don’t understand why they are getting no return. The days are gone when clients just walk through your door. You have to find ways of integrating your business into their lives and this means using all communication methods as well as really understanding your 5* Ideal Client.

Entrepreneur Revolution: Jessica Crane

This will be an experience, Jessica is going to take you on a journey and share an amazing business mindset tool you will have never experienced before!!

Don’t miss this opportunity to ask those questions you’ve been eager to know the answers to!

The spread is going to be excellent!

Hey Siri, book me a hair appointment: Phil Jackson
Forget forms and enquiries. Phil Jackson will show you the exciting world of chatbots and how this can help you keep the conversation going.

The future of Shortcuts: Jay Cofax
Our very own Jay Cofax will look at the ever-changing consumer behaviour patterns and how technology influences the decision process.

Being Part of the Fellowship: Barry Stephens
It’s such an exciting time to be part of the Fellowship, especially as they start to build on their digital presence ocross all platforms. Find out what the future has in store and how the fellowship can support other business owners with building successful, professional and profitable businesses.

Questions & Drinks
Your last chance to get those answers you’ve been looking for!

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