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How does this affect me?

Good question! Here’s the thing… a large number of the world’s computers are still running the Windows 7 operating system. Of course, you can continue using Windows 7 if you really want to, even after the 14th January 2020, but we would advise you to upgrade your PC sooner rather than later and start the new year the right way! New year, new goals, new hardware.

If your Shortcuts software is running on Windows 7 after the 14th January 2020, your PC won’t be as secure as it is today and you may be at risk of losing valuable data.

Looking for the perfect solution?

We’ve designed the perfect hardware package for you, to take the stress out of choosing your technology; The Lenovo All-In-One touch screen PC.

The Lenovo All-In-One touch screen PC and Shortcuts software are a match made in heaven. This sleek touch-screen computer doesn’t just look great, it also enables you to take advantage of Shortcuts’ powerful features with ease.

Best of all, this PC comes with Shortcuts already set up according to your specific needs, so you’ll be up and running the moment it arrives.

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