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After the year you’ve had, the last thing you need is no-shows during your hectic Christmas period! Cancellations is here just in time for the silly season to save the day when your client bails at the last minute.

Cancellations, but your way

Did you know, the average salon loses tens of thousands of pounds from no-shows and cancellations each year? Well, not anymore! Cancellations is super-flexible and the perfect way to make sure your guests show up for their appointment, increasing revenue and ensuring your team is always working efficiently.

In this feature, you can set a time frame and amount to charge if they decide to cancel or no-show. Simply collect a client’s card details at the time of booking so they can be stored securely in Stripe.

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Do I need to be on a Shortcuts package to access this feature?

Yes, you will need to be on either our Essentials, Evolve or Elevate package to access Cancellations. If you aren’t currently on a package, reach out to our Customer Care team on 0161 972 4900 (option 2) today and they’ll help you find the best package for your business!

What else do I need to use Cancellations?

You will need a Stripe account to use any of our online payments features, including Cancellations. If you don’t already have a Stripe account set up and connected to Shortcuts, click here to learn how!

What version of Shortcuts do I need to be on?

Cancellations is available in version