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Gift Cards and Loyalty

Add clients to a loyalty programme and let them make and redeem loyalty points on services. Both Gift Cards and Loyalty programmes offer a convenient way of expanding your client base and increase client loyalty.

– Adding and redeeming loyalty programmes.
– Selling and Reloading Gift Cards.
– Merging and removing loyalty programmes.
– Manually adjust a gift card balances.
– View gift-card and loyalty reports

Online Booking Shortcuts

Series, Capabilities and Resources.

Set up pre-purchase packages with series in Shortcuts to maximise client-retention.

Set up employee capabilities so your clients can only book services your employees are capable of. This is particularly important for online booking so clients can only book certain services by certain staff.

The resources feature allows you to keep track of equipment or rooms. This ensures that they are never double booked. Your online booking can then take this into account when showing appointment availability.


Stock Management Shortcuts Online Classes

Stock Management

Your ability to manage your stock effectively has a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

Watch this webinar to learn about the tools in Shortcuts that are designed to simplify the process. We will cover how to:

  • Add a new supplier, company, line and products
  • Create an order
  • Receive an order
  • Evaluate product movement history
  • Understand how to use product level.
Inky Steve POS

End of Day

Process your end of day like a pro, balance your register and generate reports to analyse your day.

You will learn how to:

– Configure your end-of-day settings.
– Use the end-of-day wizard
– Make adjustments for the day.
– Print reports from the day


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