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Salon App and Upfront Payments

It’s never been easier to keep your clients engaged and keep them coming back for more thanks to the Mobile Guest App from Shortcuts. Learn all about it in this FREE online class.

You will learn how to:

  • Set up your salon app
  • How your clients will use it
  • How to promote your app
  • Book on behalf of someone
  • Make upfront payments in your app
set forget

Set and Forget Marketing

Is it possible to promote your business without lifting a finger? Yes, actually, it is! Learn how to set up your SMS and email marketing campaigns and they will automatically deliver personalised communications throughout the year.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a template
  • Insert company details and inserting social media links
  • Send both ongoing and once only campaigns and linking them to social media
  • Target specific clients in Shortcuts
  • SMS marketing

Know your numbers and make more money

Does thinking about your business numbers have you shaking in your boots? Ever look at your reports and think, “Where do I even start?”

Do you want to learn a few money making tips that will help you propel your business to the next level?

In this FREE online class, we’ll chat about how you can learn to love your numbers and discuss everyone’s favourite topic: money!

You’ll learn:

  • Where to start with your reporting and which reports you need to watch
  • How to measure the value of future appointments and prepare you staff.
  • And a few more money-making tips!

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3 vital steps for a perfect client experience

Your guests visit you because they want to look good, so they will be seeking your advice and expertise. But how can you leave them feeling truly radiant, and make them want to recommend your business to everyone they know?
Mar / 01 / 2017
Michelle Blake
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Step aside YouTube – IGTV is here!

Instagram’s new arrival is IGTV – an app that allows you to upload and watch long-form videos. These videos can be posted by anyone, from businesses, to your bestie, influencers, celebs, or any average Joe. And your salon, spa or barber business can totally leverage its power.
Jun / 25 / 2018
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Five must-read tips to reduce no-shows

It’s your worst nightmare: a no-show. Shudder. They cost money, waste precious time, and means that other clients miss out on their preferred appointment slot for nothing. Wouldn’t it be super if you could eliminate flaky clients forever?
Jun / 22 / 2018
Caitlin Adamson
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