salon special class

Salon Specials and Black Friday discounts

We’re often asked whether salons, clinics and spas should offer discounts when marketing. The short answer is ‘sometimes’. The special secret is in knowing when and how to give discounts and deals.

In this online class you will learn about:

  • Black Friday specials
  • Giving discounts for new clients
  • Giving discounts for existing clients
  • Money off ‘vs’ %-off discounts
  • Up-selling services and products using services
  • Pre-launch specials
  • Calendar specials
salon expert class

Educating your clients

As a hair or beauty expert, you should be perceived as the best and most trustworthy source of information for your client and educating them plays a key role in creating that trust.

In this online class you will learn how to:

  • Empower your client with product knowledge
  • Overcome ‘google’ knows more
  • Heighten your credibility and establish a relationship of trust with the client
  • Communicate about key ingredients and justify costs associated with professional products
  • Make it commission-based for your staff
social media class

Social Media Masterclass

Social media is an ever-changing landscape often announced on the day they introduce something new. It can be hard to keep up to date whilst running a business.

In this online class you will learn about:

  • Facebook and Instagram business pages
  • What does the ‘#’ represent and how to make it relevant
  • Tagging everyone in – even if they’re not in the picture
  • Stories and Live videos
  • Creating a selfie-station to promote your business.
  • Salon checkins and review your visits
  • Introducing new staff and services

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