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Consultancy Services from Shortcuts

Time is valuable. Don’t have time to do the daily administration, reporting, marketing or other back-office functions? Let Shortcuts do the hardwork! We now have a list of administrative and consultancy services Shortcuts can offer!

Managed Marketing

Don’t have time to send out that email promotion, text offer or postcard? Let Shortcuts do it for you! For just £30 a month you can send us a quick request and we will do it for you!

Bespoke Reporting

We will personally make you bespoke reports that are client-centered to help you work smarter in your business. We will crunch numbers of your salon and aggregate data to gauge performance. We will look at different focus areas such as client data accuracy, frequency of visit, spend pattern and look for areas of improvement.

Backoffice Functions

Need help with payroll, settlements, clearances, record-maintenance, accounting or IT? We can do it for you! Spend more time with your clients and let Shortcuts do the boring administrative procedures.

Bespoke Reporting

Increase Bookings

Increase your annual revenue

Cut back no-shows to almost zero

Upsell products and services more effectively

Sounds awesome!

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Shortcuts consultation services helps us manage our day and ensure our team is productive, and it also means more profits at the end of the day.