GDPR Shortcuts Opt in

The GDPR requires customers to have contracts with their processors containing certain terms and information, so Shortcuts has created a GDPR Addendum for our customer contracts that includes all the required GDPR terms. Shortcut’s GDPR Addendum reflects the unique aspects of our platform and processing activities and modifies your services agreement with Shortcuts to bring it into GDPR compliance.

You can find the GDPR Addendum at this link to provide an authorised signatory for your company. You will be then sent an email to verify your identity.

You’ll be pleased to know that the new update is now here! For detailed information on how to install please download the guide here.

shortcuts software on lenovo computer

Please sign the GDPR Addendum for your company found at this link.

Data Agreement

For more information on the specific changes of how Shortcuts will help you stay GDPR compliant please read here.

Or watch the video here.