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You’re invited to an exclusive google garage workshop

Google Garage for Salons – Achieve, Create and Educate

Angel Campus
12 Tib Ln
M2 4JB
10.00am – 3.30pm , Monday 15th July 2019

Join us, along with an amazing panel and Shortcuts users, as we host a day of exploration into the future of the hair and beauty industry.

What: Google Garage and networking workshop
When: 10.00am – 3.30pm , Monday 15th July 2019
Where: Angel Campus, 12 Tib Ln, Manchester, M2 4JB
Price: FREE
Catering: Lunch and refreshments
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About the event

This exclusive workshop has been curated especially for salon owners

We’ve gathered an amazing panel of industry experts who will share with you their specialist knowledge and reveal the secrets to transform your business.

This workshop is for you, if you’d like to:

  • Understand how to engage with your clients online and work with Google to maximise visibility of your business.
  • Exciting new features Google has to offer
  • Learn the latest digital marketing strategies that truly get results
  • Create the ultimate client journey

It’s going to be a great day… you won’t want to miss!


Breakfast and hellos
Don’t be late. Please join us for a coffee and bagel.

Why are we here?
Quick ice-breaker to find out why we are all here and what we want to achieve from today.

The future of Shortcuts
Our very own Jay Cofax will look at the ever-changing consumer behaviour patterns and how technology influences the decision process.

Work with Google to maximise visibility of your business.
We get it, you’d probably rather watch paint dry than talk Google marketing strategy. Ideas like “SEO” and “Google Ads” might seem way over your head, but the idea is really quite straightforward. Let’s explain.

The spread is going to be excellent!

Virtual Reality and the future
We explore the future of the online salon and what the future beholds.

Lets Explore
We look into each other’s businesses to see what we are currently doing and what we could do better.