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Helpdesk fair use policy

Shortcuts Subscriptions Services Fees include reasonable Helpdesk services during Shortcuts’ normal business hours; however, Shortcuts Fair Use Policy does not permit excessive or unreasonable use of the Helpdesk services.

  1. Where your Helpdesk services are subject to the Fair Use Policy, the Helpdesk services do not cover:
  2. Incidents that arise relating to difficulties with hardware, operating systems or third party products;
  3. Incidents that arise because a user has not received training for the Software, or issues because of an error or negligence on Your part;
  4. Any consulting services required to assist You in installing any Update or Upgrade provided to You; or
  5. Any consulting services required to re-install the Software due to hardware failure or change of hardware.

Whilst support services relating to the above may be provided by Shortcuts to You, We will at Shortcuts discretion, from time to time, be entitled to charge You an additional price in respect of such support (as agreed in writing between Shortcuts and You).