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Loyalty in the App

Loyal customers are worth their weight in gold, which is why we designed a feature dedicated to helping you incentivise and reward your clients.

Reward your clients

There’s no better way to keep your guests coming back, visit after visit!

Automated, sophisticated and sleek, the feature uses a points-based system that lets you reward your guests based on the amount they spend on products and services.

We can customise your loyalty program to suit your business. Loyalty provides you with a level of flexibility to choose how your clients’ accrue their loyalty rewards.

Tiered Rewards

You decide how many points your clients earn, which transactions they can accrue points on, and what their reward will be when they have reached a certain number of points.

To provide an extra incentive, you can even set up a tiered rewards structure, so that your clients can strive for higher levels of benefits.

All you have to do is set up the rules and Loyalty will automatically move your clients between tiers when they become eligible.

Sign up directly from the App

Our Loyalty feature integrates seamlessly with your Mobile Guest App, giving your clients access to their Loyalty program on the go, via their smartphone.

Your guests can sign up to your loyalty program directly from the app, or sync their existing loyalty account by scanning their card.

This is ultra-convenient for your guests, who can also see their points and rewards balance whenever they like, from within the app.

Providing this visibility will help give them a nudge to book their next appointment, so they can continue to earn points to redeem on their fave products and services.

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