Stand out

Marketing Plus is all about making your marketing stand out above the rest! With Marketing Plus you can create intricate campaigns that will drive results suited to your business.

Email and SMS

Get creative

You can send customised email and SMS campaigns, once-off blasts, or targeted campaigns using Marketing Plus to really make sure you’re keeping in touch with your clients between appointments and you’re marketing doesn’t go missed.

Effective campaigns

Marketing Plus will provide you with the ability to create unique campaigns including:

• Happy birthday
• Welcome new guest
• We miss you
• It’s time to see you again
• Referral thank you

Marketing Plus Webinar

Marketing Plus is our customisable Marketing platform that gives you access to a whole host of attractive functions and features.

This snazzy new feature allows you to create eye catching email and SMS campaigns and gives you the ability to create a variety of campaigns with various send options and demographics so there’s something for everyone!

Watch our free Marketing Plus webinar and prepare to be amazed by all that it can do!

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