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Time for a QuickFix

Need a quick fix for a tricky problem? Shortcuts co-founder and former salon owner Jo Burgess has all the answers you need.

Episode #11

How to get your team performing at 100%
Ever wish your team put in as much blood, sweat and tears as you do? Doing business can be a lot like going into battle, and if the people you work with don’t have your back, it’s easy to feel let down.

Episode #10

Manage your social media like a proFact:
your business won’t survive without social media. That might sound like a big call, but social media has become a must-have for any business. Watch now to learn how to manage yours like a pro.

Episode #9

Why non-stop work is killing your success
Unless your’re superhuman, it’s time to stop trying to do it all. Your software is packed with features that make it easy to get the essentials done without having to lift a finger.

Episode #8

How to win your clients’ undying love
Want your clients to be #YoursForever? Tap into your their dreams and desires to build a real connection and before you know it, they’ll be head over heels!

Episode #7

How to make new year’s resolutions that stick
Ever promised yourself you will lose weight/save money/transform your life in the New Year, only to let all your resolutions slip? Set yourself up for a successful year!

Episode #6

What to do when you get a nasty review
Negative feedback getting you down? Watch this episode and learn what to do if you get a nasty review – and why it could end up being a good thing for your business.

Episode #5

Create email marketing that works
Ever feel like your email marketing is a whole lot of effort for very little return? Are your open rates so low you wonder why you even bother? Don’t be disheartened – Jo has the answer!

Episode #4

Why clients love you then leave you
Watch this QuickFix episode and learn the truth about why some clients love you to pieces and stay loyal forever, while others move on without a second glance.

Episode #3

Start small, think big!
No idea where to start with your business technology? In this episode, Jo explains why starting small but keeping an eye on the bigger picture is the best way to start reaping the rewards, fast.

Episode #2

Your new website, made simple!
Building a new website is easier than you think! In this episode, Jo looks at the essential must-haves that will help you build a strong web presence and attract new clients online.

Episode #1

No more number crunching headaches!
Getting to know your numbers shouldn’t leave you reaching for the painkillers! In this episode, Jo goes back to basics to look at the KPIs you should be tracking to help make your business more profitable.