Hot topic for all the wrong reasons, Coronavirus is on everyone’s minds right now as outbreaks start to spread across the United Kingdom. While fighting over toilet paper isn’t going to get our countries anywhere fast in dealing with the pandemic, there’s a few things that will and businesses all over are putting in measures to cope with the spread of the virus, including Shortcuts.

What action is Shortcuts taking?

At Shortcuts, we are super conscious of the wellbeing of our staff, as well as the health of our communities. Our senior leadership team and HR are keeping a close eye on the developments of COVID-19. We have formed a consolidated approach to managing and minimising the spread and effect of the virus on our staff – because they really are the most important thing to us!

  • Staff have been asked to work from home until further notice.
  • For any staff who have travelled through any other country identified by Health Departments as requiring self-isolation, we have asked that they isolate themselves for 14 days after leaving that country.
  • If any staff are unwell, we’re asking them to stay home and seek doctor advice.
  • If any staff come into close contact with a proven case of COVID-19 we’re asking them to isolate themselves.
  • All business travel is being assessed on a case by case basis.
  • Reinforced hygiene policies are in practice.