Your computer

The All-In-One touch screen PC and Shortcuts software are a match made in heaven. This sleek touch-screen computer doesn’t just look great, it also enables you to take advantage of Shortcuts’ powerful features with ease. Best of all, this PC comes with Shortcuts already set up according to your specific needs, so you’ll be up and running the moment it arrives.

Samsung Tablet

Your tablet

You can now take your clients details, book appointments, take photos and notes around the salon with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1”. Rebook clients in the chair using your Shortcuts appointment book, limit paperwork and omit data entry mistakes by simply handing over your Samsung tablet to your clients.


Your software

No idea where to start when it comes to protecting your computer from viruses or malware? We’ll get you set up in a flash with all the add-on software you need to do better business.

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