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Is your salon COVID-safe?

Whilst salon software has become increasingly more popular over the last decade, there are still a large number of barbershops, clinics and salons that are using a more traditional approach. Whilst pen and paper and walk in appointments have been manageable to date, the COVID-19 pandemic and ‘social distancing’ means these options will no longer work.

Every salon owner across the world needs to start planning their new way of working, how they will manage their clients, bookings and ultimately how they will operate their business. These are all essential factors to consider to ensure a speedy recovery once the green light is given to re-open.

Whilst there is no guarantee on how lockdown restrictions will be lifted in the UK, we can take insight from other countries. Many countries across the world have given details for how the hair and beauty industry will return. It is looking more and more likely that bookings will be by appointment only and can only be made by online booking or on the phone. How could this affect you if the UK takes a similar approach?

For many smaller salons and barbers, the new rules could change the way they have operated for many years. As a small business owner, are you prepared to be inundated with phone calls from clients that are well overdue a haircut? How will your clients react if they can’t get through because the phone lines are always busy?

Let’s face it, the easiest and most effective platform to ensure you and your clients are happy and safe when lockdown restrictions are lifted is online booking and a digital appointment book. The sooner you have this set up, the more you can plan for your grand re-opening.

Introducing Shortcuts Live

You might be thinking that your salon or barbershop doesn’t need salon software, or that it’s far too expensive for a small business. That’s where we can help. Shortcuts Live is an easy-to-use introduction to salon software costing as little as £20 per month. It’s a cloud-based platform that allows you to start managing bookings and appointments from the get-go.

This platform provides you the ultimate reliability and performance you need, but also gives you the advantage of mobility. Just imagine if you bumped into a friend or client in the street and could book an appointment for them in real time on your mobile phone. This would sync instantly with your computer in the salon, providing a solution that is both reliable and fully portable.

Some of our favourite features are:

Online booking

Clients can book appointments online at any time! This can be done through your website, social media, Google and your own app.

Cloud Based

Shortcuts live is accessible through your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, meaning you and your team can access it from anywhere, anytime, as long as there is an internet connection.

Automated marketing & SMS confirmations

Email and SMS reminders enable you to keep in touch with clients with any news and updates. Shortcuts will automatically send an SMS confirmation to your clients 48 hours prior to their appointment, reducing the amount of no shows and providing a valuable experience. The best thing is, there is no extra costs for SMS messages.

Businesses across the world are starting to adapt as we move towards a new way of working and we want to make sure you’re ready. Get in touch today to get ahead of the game and return to work stronger than ever before.

You can even try Shortcuts Live for two months free of charge, or three months if you refer a friend! What are you waiting for?!
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