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Removing the filter: Managing guest expectations

The story goes like this: Your client walks in and sits down in the chair you’ve prepped for them. You make causal chit-chat as you cape them up. Then, they whip out their phone. You brace yourself as they bring up a photo they found on the ‘Gram or Pinterest and you feel your heart instantly sink.
Apr / 18 / 2019
Fleur Murphy
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Jess Crane
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Webinar: Open your salon door to 7-figure numbers

Join Jessica Crane as she shares the business foundations you need from opening your salon door to high 7-figures.How to build your business foundations to enable you to quickly scale and grow your salon to 7 figuresThe biggest mistakes most salon owners are making and why 80% of salons are not profitableOne-to-one Q&As to ask your specific questions
Apr / 04 / 2019
Jessica Crane
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How important is your salon’s location?

People always bang on about knowing your numbers, but what the heck does that actually mean? Spending hours combing through spreadsheets? Yeah, no thanks. For those of you sitting there with your fingers and toes crossed, longing for a more visual way to check your numbers, Shortcuts is going to act like Willy Wonka and grant your biggest wish…
Mar / 09 / 2019
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