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Shortcuts is now seamlessly integrated with the industry leading colour management software, Vish!

What is Vish?

Find out how Vish works in this short video!

Perfect colour every time

Have you ever tried to mix a colour without the formula being previously recorded? Or maybe you’ve had a member of the team off sick and the clients colour notes are nowhere to be found?

Whatever the situation, it leaves you with no other option than to recreate a formula from memory and praying it turns out okay – Definitely not an ideal situation!

It’s time to say goodbye to all that waste! Vish tracks 100% of the colour mixed and only mixes exactly what you need.

Not only will this reduction in waste stop eating into your profit, it also guarantees consistent colour every single time.

Make life easier

Vish is the industry’s top intelligent scale, connecting a premium bluetooth scale to a mobile app that tracks colour usage to take the guesswork out of vital tasks at the colour bar.

Vish was designed to not only measure colour accurately but to use data and analytics to set prices accurately, reduce inventory costs and make life easier for stylists.

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