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Point of Sale secrets

Posted on 24th May 2016 by Luke Wilkinson

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You might think that the point of sale system is just for transactions… Think again.

Here are some things you can do in the Point of Sale system that you might not already know:

1. Client Accounts

Did you know that you can store both credit and debit in the POS system. For example, you can take a deposit for a service over the phone before a client comes in. Simply select the client and click on the sales line and select account. You can change it to how much they want to put down as the deposit, e.g. £50. Then, when the client is back in the salon, it will remind you that the client has paid a deposit and only needs to pay the remaining balance! This simple solution can be done for store debt as well. All is shown in the below video.

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2. Grouping Clients

Do you ever get clients that want to pay together? You can easily group clients through the appointment book. All you have to do is right click on the appointment, add to group and click on new group. You can then right click on any other appointments and add to them to this group. The appointment book will automatically specify a colour to any client in this group. When the clients are ready to pay, you then have the option to check out the entire group or the individual. If you click group payment it will add all the clients in one payment. Easy as pie... You can even add any products or more services to any individual as well should they want a little more.

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3. Managing expenses and petty cash

It’s important to process your expenses through the point of sale to ensue that business expenditure is calculated accurately. For example, should you want to pay for magazines, food or stationary; this should all be done through the POS system. If you want to edit an existing expense simply pick the expense from the drop down or if you want to pick a new expense just click new. Type in what the expense is for and click save. Then, when you come to pay for something, you can click ‘expense’ from the clients button. If money is being taken from the register and change returned, then the expense should be processed as petty cash.

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4. Managing Professional Products

Depending on the size of your business, Shortcuts recommends putting your empty products in a separate bin to be scanned at the end of each day or week. By scanning the barcode or even searching for the product on the system you can then tell Shortcuts that these products have been used and update your product levels accordingly. You can then view your professional product report to see how much you’ve used in any date range needed. This is extremely handy to know how much you need for the future.

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5. Printing a quote

Your clients may wish to see a price estimate before they book a service. You can easily provide your clients with a price estimate by printing a quote at the Point of Sale. You can also add a note at the end of the quote; we recommend you should add an expiry for price changes and perhaps increase call to action! You would basically choose the employee and service as you normally would, but choose quote instead. You can then simply print this off so the client can then bring it to the appointment should they wish to pursue the service.  

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With a background in marketing and design across a number of industries, Luke started his Shortcuts career in 2015. His ability to think laterally and extensive knowledge of digital and traditional advertising puts him at the forefront of the Shortcuts strategic campaigns. 

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