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Are you a right-brain creative or a left-brain organiser?

shortcuts software blog are you a right brain creative or a left brain organiser

Have you ever heard that if you’re a creative and visual person then you use the right side of your brain? Or if you love to plan and like to analyse situations then you tend towards the left side of your brain?

The truth is, there’s a good chance that you’re a bit of both. But exactly which traits do you need to run a successful business? And which bits and pieces come together to make you the wonderful human and powerhouse business owner that you are?

You’re a righty if:

Your heart lives to create! You’re filled with never-ending inspiration and creativity that you can’t wait to share with your clients – whether it be a fancy new hairstyle, or an artsy mani design.

You like to use your hands on a daily basis to create visual masterpieces. Ideas are constantly swirling around your head, and your open mind allows you to take your creativity in all sorts of fabulous directions. You can’t waitto whip out your favourite tools and go with the idea flow.

You’re a lefty if:

You’re a logic lover and an avid analyst. You get giddy over reports and crunching numbers at the end of the month. You can’t wait to open your Shortcuts reports and see how far your business has progressed!

You think through each problem that comes your way, and analyse it thoroughly to find the best solution. Your common sense is not to be rivalled with and your head is firmly screwed on even in the most frantic of business moments. You’d rather dazzle than be frazzled.

You’re a righty if:

You think, “Planning? Pfft, who needs it?” and your intuition has never failed you. Your heart leads the way when it comes to making decisions and you’ve got your eye on the big picture. You have dreams of what your future business will look like and you know your intuition and open mind will help get you there.

You embrace spontaneity and throw caution to the wind – the world moves too fast to sit and mull over every little problem.

You’re a lefty if:

You’re an organisation wizard! Your business runs like a dream, and no minor details ever slide by you. Your appointment book couldn’t be more organised if you tried, and your staff all know to follow the systems you have in place.

Planning also holds a fond spot in your heart. Your planner is colour-coded and sticky notes have a home on every page. In fact, you go crazy every time you walk into a stationery store. You set aside time each day for your lunch break, and even a dash of Netflix in the evening after balancing the books.

So, are you a righty, a lefty, or a spectacular mix of both?