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Super Easy Salon Christmas Marketing Tips

Super Easy Salon Christmas Marketing Tips

Does December tend to be a busy time in your salon?

Silly question.

It’s not busy. It’s manic! It can be hard to find the time and motivation to keep going throughout the festive period, but you don’t have to miss out – no matter how busy you are. Luckily for you, we’re about to tell you four super useful Salon Christmas Marketing tips that will help you save time and upsell this Christmas! Win win, right?

As we all know, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and what’s even more wonderful is it gives plenty of marketing opportunities with everyone hunting for gift ideas, party-style inspiration and last-minute salon bookings. Now is the perfect time to raise awareness, boost sales and get seen by a new audience, and we’re about to tell you exactly how to do it – super easily too!

1. Online Gift Cards

We all know those people, the ones that put off buying gifts until the day before Christmas and then spend hours searching high and low for gifts. Well this Christmas, Shortcuts is making gifting simple for your clients by selling online gift cards direct from your website!

Not only will this make you your client’s favourite person for being so super helpful and saving them hours of shopping, hunting for last minute novelty gifts, but it also means more sales for you and even new clients! This brand-new feature will help your Christmas be hair-shaped and not pear-shaped!

2. Social Sorted

Let’s talk about Social Media!

You know how most days through the festive period you are rushed off your feet, mixing colours, cutting hair, chatting with clients… and you get to the end of the day, only to realise you forgot to take a single photo, and more importantly, you haven’t posted anything on your social media pages?

You could post an old photo and hope that no one has seen it before, but you’ve had a long day of standing on your feet and can’t think of anything good to say in your post anyway, so you just leave it and say ‘I’ll post something tomorrow’.

We’ve all been there.

Having enough content to post consistently can be crucial when attracting new clients, which is why we have just what you need, especially through the busy Christmas period!
Introducing Social Sorted

Social Sorted is a membership platform jam-packed with downloadable social media images, customisable captions, and a killer monthly Action Plan, all designed to elevate your social media game… And you’re in luck! Social Sorted are currently offering a free trial month, so get signed up now and make your life that little bit easier this Christmas!

3. Targets

The salon can be a busy place over Christmas; clients in and out, appointments left, right and centre. It can be really hard to track your targets effectively.

You can have all the dreams and ambitions in the world for the numbers you want your business and team to achieve, but unless you have one handy hub to house all those valuable numbers then you won’t be tracking them effectively.

The good news is your fave salon software company (that’s us 😉) have just released a super visual and easy-to-use dashboard in the cloud that will help you track business and individual employee targets.

From client visits, to rebooking percentage, to sales metrics – Targets will show you exactly how your business is performing each week.

4. Shortcuts Marketing

Shortcuts Marketing is our latest and greatest marketing feature here to make your email and SMS marketing an easy breeze. Trust us, you’re going to love it!

You can send automated email and SMS campaigns, once-off blasts, or targeted campaigns using Shortcuts Marketing to really make sure you’re keeping in touch with your clients between appointments. Super handy when you’re so busy with back to back appointments at Christmas! SMS marketing comes with cost-effective bundles to make sure you’re really getting your money’s worth, while email marketing won’t cost you a thing! Even better, Shortcuts Marketing is included in all of our Shortcuts packages so get involved now!