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Social Sorted Email Templates

Here’s a suite of email templates with optional copy that you can use in Shortcuts Marketing to attract your clients to your social media accounts.

Email #1 – Introducing your social media accounts 

Subject lines 

Let’s get social 

We want to connect with you! 

Keep in touch with us! 

We wanted to share some cool stuff 

Sometimes it’s good to be a follower 

Want to virtually visit [SALON NAME]? Find out how. 




Did you hear? We’re on socials! 

Yep that’s right you heard right, you can now be on the pulse of what’s happening at [SALON NAME]. 

Follow us and be the first to know of salon updates, new services, special events, watch tutorials and exclusive behind-the-scenes videos. 

And that’s not all! If you follow us on socials you will be the only one hearing exclusive social promotions just for you! 

Follow us on Instagram [INSERT LINK]. 

Like us on Facebook [INSERT LINK]. 

We can’t wait to follow you back and virtually chat, see you on the feed! 

Stay safe, and healthy. 



Email #2 – Follow up / reminder 

 Subject lines: 

Connect with us for COVID-19 updates 

Follow us for updates! 

Check us out on Instagram and Facebook! 




We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times! 

We wanted to check you saw our last email – we’ve launched an ONLINE SHOP! 

We wanted to check you saw our last email – YES we’re on social media! 

Follow us today to be the first to hear the latest updates on [SALON NAME], appointment openings, new services, tutorials and some behind-the-scenes action! 

Plus, we’ll be releasing social exclusive promotions on our social media, so watch out for these! 

Follow us on Instagram at [@INSTAGRAM HANDLE]. 

Follow us on Facebook at [FACEBOOK PAGE NAME]. 

Stay safe and we’ll see your face online! 


P.S. We can’t wait to follow you back and check out your feed!


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