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Five ways to make it easy to love you

Convenience – one little word that means everything to today’s clients. One of the most common and damaging mistakes you can make as a business owner is unintentionally making it hard for clients to find, book and return to you.

Sure, your front desk staff may call clients right back if they’ve left you a voicemail, but today’s consumers expect more than that – because they never wanted to wait in the first place. These ‘small’ details add up and, although they may not even say anything at the time, can lead to even the most loyal client abandoning you for a salon that feels easier to deal with.

Successful salons need to start thinking about convenience as an essential ingredient in the customer experience. Here are five key places to start:

1. Make it easy to book with you

For many clients, stepping away to call and book an appointment during the day is impractical, if not impossible. And for those that do call, going through to a voicemail and having to wait to be called back? Forget it, they’ve already found someone else! Giving your clients the option to book online provides them with the instant gratification they love, and a way to connect with you 24/7.

2. Make it easy to remember the appointment

Appointment reminder phone calls may suit some clients, but you have to ask yourself – how many busy people really want a personal phone call during their workday? Text message reminders are a powerful way to provide clients with an instant reminder without interrupting them from what they are doing.

3. Make it easy to check out

A hold up at the checkout can taint the customer experience. If you find your customers queuing at the front desk, you could use iPads on the floor and get stylists to create their clients’ tickets while they are still relaxed in the chair. When the client arrives at the front desk, all they have to do is make the payment and go! This approach can also do wonders for your retail sales, as it prevents people abandoning their product purchases at the checkout.

4. Make it easy for them to give you real feedback

From a client’s perspective, giving negative feedback can be incredibly awkward because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Unfortunately this is why so many salon owners get caught off-guard when a bad review appears online. Using a tool like Spotlight that invites clients to submit anonymous feedback provides them with a non-confrontational way to tell you how they really feel. Clients love the chance to get their feedback off their chest, and you get a chance to resolve the issue and improve your service offering.

5. Make it easy to come back again soon

For clients who haven’t been to see you for a while, sending a reminder email with a link to your online booking page is a great way to get them back through the door. You can even include an offer or incentive for an extra kicker – and in just a few clicks you’ve simplified the process for them. What’s easier than that?

How do you offer greater convenience to your clients?