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How To Attract New Clients To Your Salon With Google My Business: 8 Tips

Trying to think of ways to generate more business can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

We’re here to help you discover how to attract new clients to your Salon with a Google Business Profile (formerly and better known as Google My Business).

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business/Google Business Profile is a free tool that Google offers businesses with a physical location. Creating and managing your business listing is an effective way to raise brand awareness by sharing key information such as your business hours, photos, location and more.

The information you input on your Google Business Profile can boost your visibility across Google Services by increasing your chances of showing up in Google Search Results and Google Maps. The more visibility you have online, the more likely you are to attract more potential new clients.

With our Reserve with Google feature, your clients can book an appointment with you the minute they find you on Google, and this will automatically sync seamlessly with your Online Booking, which means no double bookings, ever.

So, the question is, how can you optimise your Google Business Profile to generate new business? Keep reading to find out.

5 Ways To Attract New Clients With Google My Business

  • Complete your profile

First things first, it’s essential to ensure that you have completed all elements of your profile.

According to Google, customers are 2.7 times more likely to consider your business reputable if you have a complete profile. They’re also 50% more likely to consider making a purchase (in this case, book an appointment).

A complete profile improves your relevance score, thus increasing your visibility; Businesses with complete and accurate information are easier to match with the right searches.” – Google. You need to make it clear for people to identify “what you do, where you are, and when they can visit”. If you already have a profile, conduct a Google My Business audit to identify opportunities to optimise your listing.

  • Verify your location

You can boost your local ranking by verifying your location, as you’re “more likely to show in local search results across Google products, like Maps and Search.”. 

Having a verified location is a simple way to give yourself the best opportunity to show up as an option when people search for a local business with your service offering.

  • Upload visually appealing imagery

Let’s be honest, in the hair and beauty industry, aesthetics count for a lot, and it’s no different when it comes to your Google Business Profile.

Make it easy for people to recognise your salon business by keeping your logo and cover photo consistent with your social media platforms. This is just the beginning, though. 

Use this as an opportunity to showcase what you have to offer; for example, you can upload images of your salon interior, your team and a selection of photos that capture the quality of your team’s work and display the variety of services you offer.

Remember to choose visually appealing, high-resolution images to give a great first impression. Google says, “Businesses with photos are more likely to receive requests for driving directions”.

  • Respond to complaints and queries

The best way to deal with a complaint that has come through on your Google Business Profile is to face it head-on. 

In fact, this is an opportunity to not only turn the experience around for the unhappy customer but also show the quality of your customer service. Respond promptly to show that you’re attentive and offer to speak to the client directly to find a solution. This shows that you care about your customers.

Responding to queries on your Google Business Profile is also the perfect way to connect with prospective customers and shine a light on your USPs. Try to reply to people within 24 hours so people are not left waiting, as this could create a negative impression. 

These are golden opportunities that you should invest time in seizing. You have a potential customer right in front of you for the taking. They’re already interested, so show them why you’re the right choice.

  • Build trust with reviews

Online reviews are worth their weight in gold when it comes to building a client base, particularly in this industry.

Trusting someone to carry out a beauty treatment that meets your expectations isn’t a decision people take lightly. So when we can see that other people have had a positive experience with a business, we naturally feel more confident in making a booking. 

93% of people said that online reviews have influenced their decision on which business to choose. Encouraging your clients to leave reviews will go a long way, and this doesn’t just apply to new customers. Your loyal clients will be essential in spreading the word about how brilliant your salon is.

Attract New Clients Through Google My Business With Shortcuts

Whether you already have a Google Business Profile (Google My Business) set up or this blog has left you wondering why you don’t have one already, Shortcuts can help you get the most out of this tool.

The trick to an attention-grabbing profile is to optimise it with your business details, imagery and branding, plus all the keywords your clients are likely to be searching. And we’re here to do it all for you!

Get in touch with our expert team and let’s start bringing in the new business you deserve.

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