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Success Story

Luke Reynolds

By March 22, 2019No Comments

They say that whatever brings you down will eventually make you stronger, and no one knows that better than hairdressing success story Luke Reynolds. Having built a multi-award winning business and gained a reputation as one Brisbane’s very best, Luke found himself having to start over after a fire reduced his salon to rubble.

After the fire I was determined to rebuild the salon better than ever before and make sure it was exactly what I envisioned.I tried to create a place where people feel comfortable and at ease; it’s not a disco or a nightclub, it’s a hair salon. It’s all very luxurious in a high-end kind of way, a bit like walking into a Tom Ford boutique.

Tucked away in the exclusive back streets of New Farm, Brisbane, Luke’s newly-refurbished salon offers its guests a restful retreat far from the nonstop hustle of the city. The vibe is seductively high-class, bringing to mind the unbridled extravagance of a bygone era.

"Material possessions can be replaced, a salon can be rebuilt, but the people in your life are irreplaceable."

“The fire taught me a lot of life lessons I might not have otherwise learned. I am so much calmer now, I have learned to take things in my stride.”

“The fire made me realise that your team is your number one asset. I have never had such a strong team as I do today.”