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Next-level social media: your ultimate guide

Love it, or love to hate it, social media is an essential part of building your brand and an absolute must-have for your business.

Here’s a fun fact: the average Australian spends up to a mind-boggling 822 hours a week on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

So if you’re not already investing your superpowers into creating an authentic social media presence for your salon, you need to start today!

Join our Senior Marketing Manager, Fleur Murphy, and discover how to take your social media to the next level and reap the rewards for your business.

This webinar is perfect if you:

  • Have no idea where to start when it comes to ramping up your social media.
  • Want to stand out on social and blow people away with your uniqueness.
  • Dream of creating a gorgeous social presence but have no idea where to start.
  • Are curious about influencers and how they can help you nail it on social.
  • Want to turn your followers into engaged, paying customers (yes please!!).