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Salon Recruitment Tips to Hire the Best Employees

When you are a salon owner, you are faced with a variety of tasks and challenges including bringing in new clients and managing finances. However, one of the most difficult, yet essential tasks is salon staff recruitment. After all, a… Read More

Our Top Tips for Effective Salon Management

Let’s be honest, running a successful salon business is NO easy task. And since salons have been forced to close, there have been plenty of new challenges thrown into the mix.  As a salon manager, you have to juggle many responsibilities including… Read More

How to Improve Working Practices in the Salon

There’s no doubt that running a salon is hard work and you are used to being rushed off your feet all day, every day. Due to this, you may usually have very little time to review your salon working practices and ensure they are maximising your potential. However, in these unusual times, you suddenly have a lot more time to play with again. So, what do you do? Read More