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How to adjust your salon marketing after COVID-19

caitlinshortcuts Jun / 26 / 2020
how to adjust your salon marketing after covid19

Give yourself one giant pat on the back honey, ‘cause you have just made it to the other side of “it that shall not be named”. But with that we need to dive head-first into adapting to the new-normal. One of those things being your salon marketing and giving it a little shake-up.

Market things that are going to add value

During the pandemic, your clients were bombarded by companies and brands trying to make a quick buck when they thought their business was going down. Flash forward and now they’re in the thick of end of financial year sales. With the two back-to-back events it can create one heck of a consumer exhaustion storm.

So instead of marketing things that are just asking for their cash, offer things that will add vale to their end experience. You may have just launched online booking to help with contact tracing in your salon. Excellent! Tell your clients about it.

What’s better is we’ve tried to make communicating these new offerings ten times easier with our communication kit. Check out these ready-made email and SMS templates that you can copy, paste and send away! We’ve also added in a few social posts to make things that bit sweeter😉

Focus on new-normal avenues

If you thought online shopping was huge before COVID-19, think again. If there’s a time to improve your e-commerce, it’s now! Contactless purchasing will become more predominant in the way we consume. I.e. Your clients are going to start purchasing more retail from your online store rather than popping into the salon.

If you still need to get an online shop up and running, don’t forget that we have a new Shopify integration for your website to help you start your ecommerce journey! We’ve got a way to help you quickly and easily build a Shopify shop using your existing stock set up in Shortcuts. That means you can sell your retail stock online, even when your doors are closed for the day, and don’t forget to offer a few coupons, customer love discounts, just look at how popular websites like Raise are!

James Vivian, renowned dermal therapist and clinic owner, explains how easy it is to set up:

“COVID-19 has forced us to move our business from a face-to-face service to a strictly online offering – without warning! We created a free online store using Shopify. It took us two days and we love it. So do our clients.”

Click here to learn more!

Keep providing relevant information

Communicate with your clients! As restrictions continue to lift and new-normal rules and regulations come into play, update your clients about how this will affect you and their visit to your salon.

There might come a time when telling your clients to stick 1.5m away, wash their hands frequently, and avoid shaking hands or hugging will become null and void. Either way, if something changes in your salon, tell them about. Particularly if they’re about to visit for an appointment. Don’t forget to use all the salon marketing tools in your tool-kit! This includes email, SMS, social media, your website, your staff’s work Instagram profiles. The list goes on…

Don’t just be active, be addictive!

Have you been posting haphazardly on your socials without really following a pre-planned strategy? And do you find your feed can look gorgeous, but at the same time maybe a little same-same? It’s one thing to be active on your socials, but a whole other ballpark to be so addictive that your clients stop scrolling and start engaging!

Now that you’re getting back to business and really knuckling down, it’s time to give your socials the spruce-up strategy it needs. Social Sorted was created to help salons learn how to really take the reins of their social media feeds, start driving results and seeing real engagement from clients. As part of your monthly subscription, you’ll get:

  • 30 gorgeous, professional salon images
  • 30 customisable captions to suit you
  • Monthly educational plan
  • Exclusive Facebook group access

So far, people are loving Social Sorted! Here’s what Fiona Foote of Koko Hair Studio in New Zealand had to say.

“I have had an amazing response from posting your captions and photos on my Facebook page every day for the past 4 weeks. l did a promotion for Mothers Day asking people to nominate a women deserving of a free makeover. Not only did l get hundreds of nominations but dozens of new clients too. So thank you for giving me the inspiration to enjoy social media again, as l used to not like it at all, and felt it didn’t work in my business.”

Keen to get your social sorted and bring in new clients post-COVID? You try Social Sorted FREE for a month – but hurry! The doors are closing on 30 June so you’re cutting it fine! Click here to register today (and you can cancel anytime, don’t stress).


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