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This is how you should tackle salon targets

This is how you should tackle salon targets

Have you tried time and time again to throw all your efforts into setting big salon targets for your business? Maybe you keep powering away at it for a few weeks before something else grabs your attention and those all-important targets fall through the cracks?

Eeek! Unfortunately, it’s an all too familiar story with a busy business owner on the go 24/7. Hell, BUSY doesn’t even cut it! And you know what, you shouldn’t have to try and keep track of it all by yourself. There 100% has to be an easier way!

Well grab a coffee (or tea if you’re so inclined) because there are a few things you can start doing TODAY to start effectively working towards achieving your salon targets.

Make targets a group effort

First things first – consider the (amazing 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️) people who will be working each day to reach your overall business targets… Your stellar team! They’re going to be the ones helping you reach the small incremental goals, so you can kick your big business goals.

Encourage your team so they feel like it’s a group effort. You have a detailed break down here about how you could achieve that. Help them understand why certain targets are in place, and what those targets mean to you. Share your dreams and goals for the business with your team, as well as how they’re included in that end goal, and how you hope these individual targets will help you collectively get there.

Have monthly catch-ups with your team and check in with them individually to see how they’re doing. This is a great time to teach them strategies and tactics they can start using on the salon floor to reach the targets you’ve set for them.

Also consider having an all-team meeting. Organise a reward or prize for the highest performer each month to thank them, congratulate them, and boost everyone’s motivation and morale. Make them feel like it’s a business wide effort, and everyone’s contributing!

Make targets achievable

If you set your employee’s targets so high that they aren’t attainable, then you know in your heart they will have no hope of reaching them. No-one likes the feeling of failure! It can be sooo demotivating. If staff fail over and over, they will quickly decide it’s not worth trying in the first place.

Set individual targets at a level where team members have to stretch on their tippy-toes a little bit to achieve the goal. Test them. Challenge them. But stay within their reach and means. You can set their targets at a humble level to begin with so they taste the success, then gradually increase the target each week or month so they have to try just that little bit harder every time to succeed.

You can even set targets in line with employee’s strengths and weaknesses. If they’re a salesperson at heart and kill it at service and retail sales, but they need to up their rebooking rate game, set a target that encourages them to focus more on reaching their rebooking rate goals. Reward them when they do exceed their targets. Show them how much you appreciate their efforts!

Track your goals in your new Targets dashboard

If you’re wondering how to make business target magic happen, listen up! It’s all about tracking your targets effectively. You can have all the dreams and ambitions in the world for the numbers you want your business and team to achieve, but unless you have one handy hub to house all those valuable numbers then you won’t be tracking them effectively.

The good news is your fave salon software company (that’s us 😉) have just released a super visual and easy-to-use dashboard in the cloud that will help you track business and individual employee targets.

Targets tracks six key business numbers which you NEED to keep an eye on to ensure your businesses success. (This webinar will give you the juicy facts). From client visits, to rebooking percentage, to sales metrics – Targets will show you exactly how your business is performing each week.

Maybe your team is kicking goals? Amazing, you go Glen Coco!


Or maybe they need to tweak their approach and make some improvements? Hey, that’s super simple – because Targets help you see just where that growth needs to happen.


You can access Targets from any device at any time – even your mobile phone where you’re away from the salon and on the go! Your staff can access their personal dashboard from their mobile phone too, so you really are handing them the reins to their own success.

P.S. If you’re already using the Cloud Appointment Book or Cloud Reporting then there’s a good chance you can access Targets right now! You can learn more about Targets right here.

Caitlin Adamson

Caitlin Adamson is a passionate creative and analytical thinker who brings her love for the written word to the marketing world. She brings her fresh outlook to the Shortcuts team and strives to create strategic and engaging collateral to help salons, spas, clinics and barbers to tackle their business endeavours with confidence.