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Shortcuts Software 8.1: Why It’s Our Best Version Yet

Shortcuts Software 8.1 in barber shop

At Shortcuts, we know the world is changing. The hair industry has adapted countless times over the last couple of years, which means we’ve been improving our software to stay one step ahead. 

Shortcuts 8.1 is a version of our software that aims to provide some cutting edge features for salon and barbershop owners across the United Kingdom.

After all, in times like these, reliable, transparent and modern software solutions can be crucial to growing your business.  

Below, we will inspect what you need to know about version 8.1, including: 


Why Choose Shortcuts Software? 

If you are new to Shortcuts, you might wonder what makes us different from other providers. To put it simply, our motto is to “work smarter, not harder”, and we mean it. 

We know our barber and hair salon software is known for being easy to use while providing modern solutions for our clients in the hair industry. 

We strive to be the best all-around solution, meaning you have everything you need in one software with no hidden costs or annoying limitations.  


What’s changed with Shortcuts 8.1? 

Whether you are already familiar with Shortcuts or you are looking for a different solution, some of the features we’ve updated aim to solve some of the most common pain points we see. 

These feature updates include: 


  • An interface that’s easier to use

A platform that doesn’t make intuitive sense can be frustrating. We’ve modernised our themes and icons to be ‌easier to navigate, thus, making the system more efficient (and sexier, might we add).


  • Improved Client Database Management 

Need to search for a client quickly? We’ve made it more straightforward to find clients across all your locations. Simply type in their name, email, or phone number and let the software do the rest. 


  • Combined Single View Appointment Book

With this design change, you can see a combined view of all your appointments booked, both online appointments and walk-in customers. This means you have better visibility on your day to day and more control over your scheduling. 


  • A Better Walk-In Manager

Managing walk-in appointments isn’t always a walk in the park, especially for busy salons and barbershops. That’s why we made this feature a priority for version 8.1. 

We’ve built-in one-touch action buttons, as well as improved visibility on employee service levels and wait times. The improved user experience also means you can also spend more time interacting with clients and less time fiddling with your software. 

These updates are really just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more interesting things to learn about Shortcuts 8.1, which are accessible by visiting the links below.


Where to access more learning materials

To help new and current customers with the transition to 8.1, we prepared some simple guides in our learning centre that give a detailed overview of everything you need to know. 

If you prefer to review the latest updates via a video, you can also check out our video tutorials here.  



How to get started with Shortcuts Software 8.1

Good news – version 8.1 is available in the United Kingdom! 

Whether you’re a current client or looking to upgrade your current system, this version can assist your business better by streamlining your processes and saving your time. 

To learn more or to upgrade, you can get in touch with our team here.

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